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Andrew Heaney signed our guestbook on 21/04/2011
Dear Tony & Mary, I hadn't cried in years but just couldn't keep back the tears listening to Tony on Matt Cooper this evening and again watching the tributes on Youtube. Where you get the strength to pick yourselves off the floor and communicate so eloquently on Saoirse and her life is a mystery. Its a fitting tribute to a little girl who is now at peace.

Nick Browne signed our guestbook on 20/04/2011
I just heard you (Tony) on Today FM and was extremely moved by your courage and strenght in discussing the difficult and heart breaking end to your beautiful daughter Saoirse's last days. I wish you great success with Saoirse's worthy foundation and that a treatment can be found quickly for Liam and all the other children inflicted with this terrible disease. Best Wishes. Nick

Rose Greenfield signed our guestbook on 13/04/2011
Mary & Tony, Thinking of you and your family. Kind Regards, Rose Greenfield

Ciaran Lynch signed our guestbook on 03/04/2011
Wishing you all the best. God bless, Ciaran Lynch & Family

MARK BUCKLEY signed our guestbook on 24/03/2011
Wishing your beautiful family strength and courage from our family.

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