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Bee-Cause: What You Do Makes A Difference!

Supporting & being involved with Bee For Battens can sometimes be a challenge but it is very rewarding also. You get the chance to really help those affected by Batten Disease and other children with Rare Diseases, something which we & the affected families really appreciate.

We are always seeking to expand our network of supporters and volunteers, so if you, your friends & family and others want to Get Involved, Welcome, to our team, a family all of its own.

To get involved simply fill in the below form or email us at Alternatively you can Call or TEXT us on : 083 00 44444. We will get back to you very soon.

You can also find and make contact with us via Facebook, Twitter & You Tube!


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Volunteers are a large part of our charity and we welcome all the support & assistance offered, with open arms.

Fundraising activities and events are so successful in bringing people together which helps us raise awareness of Batten Disease. As you can imagine, the organization of such events is made easier when shared by volunteers, plus it helps us keep the costs down, so our fundraising efforts go further.

If in any way you would be interested in helping out as a volunteer (long or short term) please contact us by email: or call /text us on 083 00 44444.

Thank You!

Clubs, Schools, Colleges & Groups

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Whether you are part of a club or a society, a student or just a group of work mates, you support is very welcome.

We cherish the opportunity to work with you in reach the charities goals and will assist in every way we can to support you in whatever you decide to do to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. If you would like to run a fundraising event or an awareness campaign, or whatever you want to do, it will help, no matter how big or how small.

Join us by sending an email to us at Alternatively you can call or send us a TEXT to 083 00 44444.

Support From The Business Community

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We want to be part of your community, where you operate or where your based, our Not For Profit registered charity is here to engage with you and your employees.

Bee For Battens relies totally on the donations from businesses and the general public to support our goals. We work hard with the business community to establish, develop & nurture long lasting relationships and welcome every opportunity of support.

Help & support can come in lots of different forms, and we are always open to new ideas and initiatives, no matter how challenging they are. Also, if you are interested in assisting us with reducing our overheads, we would be very grateful.

If you would like for your business to become involved support The Saoirse Foundation, then please email us at Alternatively you can call or send us a TEXT to 083 00 44444.

Become a full member

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Our annual membership is aimed at those persons whose daily lives are directly affected by Batten Disease. Family members and their extended family and friends are very welcome to join us and play their part in fighting this devastating disease.

Full Membership is also open to anyone who has an interest or are involved with Batten Disease Patients, which include carer’s, medical professionals, teachers etc..

Membership has a number of benefits, one of which entitles you to have a say in the running & shaping of the organisation. Application forms for membership are available here. (Membership Application Form))

Calling All Runners, Riders, Walker, Climbers & Adventurers!

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If you are someone who likes to enjoy a run, a cycle or perhaps a swim, or even a leisurely stroll then please consider taking part in an event for Bee For Battens.

We have had lots of people who proudly wear our famous LOGO while taking part in marathons, cycles and sponsored walks not only across Ireland but also across the globe, helping us to raise awareness and a few valuable cents along the way.

Also please please remember send us a picture or video of you taking part, we would love to publish it in on our website gallery and in our social networks.

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