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DCU Drama, Our latest partnership!

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Bee For Battens is absolutely delighted to announce our latest partnership with DCU Drama.


Based in Dublin City Univiversity, DCU Drama is one of DCU's longest-running and most successful societies. The exact origins of the society are now lost in the mists of time, but they've been active since at least the late 1980's, way back when DCU was NIHE Dublin! (The 1980's? What's that, Grandad?)

Their mission is simple; to provide entertainment for the whole of DCU and beyond through any means necessary (though somewhat drama-related) and to make sure everyone has a ball doing it. Whether you're a diehard stage veteran or a casually interested rookie (or anywhere in between), DCU Drama has something to interest you!

This Year They will be actively involved in Bee For Battens and will be fundraising for us thorughout 2011 and 2012. 

Find Them On  The Web , FaceBook , Twitter & You Tube


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