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Ring Of Kerry 112' Run in a Day

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 On October 15th, Paul Gosney, a father of two, who lives in Beaufort Co Kerry will undertake the largest challenge of his life and run around the Ring of Kerry in a single day for his local charity, Bee for Battens.

The run, which is over four marathons long and totals 112 miles, will start at 6am on Saturday from Killarney Co Kerry. Heading initially for Kenmare, crossing through Molls Gap at sunrise, the runner will then head west towards Waterville and will continue to run through the night in a massive test of human stamina, endurance and mental strength.

Preparations for this record creating event have been ongoing for a few months, with Paul running on average 3 marathons a week recently, as he builds himself for the big day. While it is known that several people have run around the Ring of Kerry, this is believed to be the first ever attempt to complete the 112 mile journey in a single day.

With a series of planned 10 minute comfort breaks, Paul hopes to average approximately 5 miles an hour on one of Ireland’s most scenic routes, which has several large climbs through & around the Mcgillicuddy Reeks.

Paul, a friend of the Heffernan family, is using this event to raise awareness of Battens Disease, which took the life of 5 year old Saoirse Heffernan in January of this year. Tony & Mary Heffernan's only other child Liam (3), is continuing to improve, after he underwent brain surgery as part of a medical treatment trial in New York in May of this year.

 The happy go lucky 3 year old, who recently appeared on the Late Late Show (Sept 2nd) with his parents, has amazed doctors on either side of the Atlantic with his progress. The Heffernan’s will return to New York in just over a month for Liam’s six month check up at the Prestigious Weill Cornell Medical facility, which will provide a greater insight into the young Kerry's boy condition, which to date has always been fatal.

During the recent appearance on TV, Tony Heffernan announced that their Charity, Bee for Battens, is pursuing the construction of Irelands first dedicated respite facility for children affected with Rare Disease. With Department of Health figures acknowledging that between 6-8% of the population will be affected by rare diseases during their lives, this facility is badly needed.

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    Jenny Hall 07/02/2012

    Paul is my cousin and I can't tell you how proud I am of his wonderful achievement for such a little known cause.

    tony heffernan 17/10/2011

    We are grateful for Paul taking on this huge challenge and finishing the task at hand. Paul took 26 hours and 21 minutes to complete the gruelling 112 mile route. Paul took only 100 minutes of rest and breaks during the run for medical attention and comfort breaks. We are delighted that Paul took on this awareness run for Batten Disease and hope he is blister free soon!

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