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2400 MILE Run Across US Completed for BATTEN DISEASE

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On last Saturday afternoon, 27-year-old Noah Coughlan, of Vacaville, Calif., ran toward Atlantic Beach -- the final destination on a journey that began in February on California's Pacific coast.

After running over 2,400 miles, about 25 to 30 miles a day, Coughlan waded ankle deep into the Atlantic Ocean.After over 130 days of running which began on World Rare Disease Day on Feb 28th, Noah Coughlan has completed a run of almost 2500 miles across the United States on Atlantic Beach in Florida.

Noah completed this run to raise awareness of Batten's Disease and Bee For Battens are delighted to be part of this unique and inspiring challenge which has captured the hearts of the all those affected by Batten Disease in the US and around the world. Noah , who is of Irish Amaerican decent has connections in Cork and the Midlands.

The media coverage around this event has been huge and this latest clip of Noah arriving on the East Coast is one of over 50 such interviews which Noah has completed along the way.

Noah become only the 222nd person on record to complete the run, and we congratulate him on this huge achievement.

Later this year Noah Coughlan will be visiting Ireland and Bee For Battens will be hosting a number of events with Noah to raise Awareness here.

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