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Bee For Battens & Live Horse Racing

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We are delighted to announce that Bee For Battens has teamed up with TVM to create further awareness of Batten Disease from your local horse racing track.

TVM provide live streaming of all horse racing events in Ireland and we are very grateful to have our logo on the information TV channel time clock during TV coverage of each race event.

In addition Bee For Battens will run a number of ad campaigns in between races, bringing much need awareness of this Ultra Rare & Fatal Disease.

Since its establishment in 1986 by Bart and Helen Arnold, TVM has built up a reputation as a leading Outside Broadcasting Facilities Company. Our ability to seek out and implement the latest technological developments has set us apart from other operators in the industry. This, along with our policy of sourcing the most talented and skilled operators available has ensured that the quality of the service offered by TVM is always at the highest possible standard of good industry practice.

TVM has a proven track record as a first class, reliable outside broadcast facilities provider. We have vast experience of all types of outside broadcasts, and fully understand the intricacies and practicalities of OB facilities throughout Ireland. Therefore we can provide everything from accreditation to satellite paths and catering on site to the most complex technical requirements.





Television Mobiles Ltd,
Co. Cork,

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