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World Battens Day 2011, A Great Success

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Over 2000 people joined Bee For Battens in celebrating World Battens Day on June 4th in the Kerry Way.

With a huge line up of music and entertainment for all ages, there were lots of smiling faces at the event which ran for over 8 hours. 

Lots of children dressed up as Bee's and our special judge, Willie Big Bang Casey presented prizes to everyone who took place, with three special prizes given to those who made the best effort.

There were nine winners is our unique Charity Cow Crap!, with Betsy Choosing the Winner is a most special way, Congrats to all, each winner gets 50 euro!.

The Mountain Men of Glenflesk proved their strength in winning the Tug-O-War, which provided great entertainment for young and old!.

We are exceptionally grateful for everyone who supported, volountered and sponsored the event this year and we hope to see you all next year!


please send us any photos you have and we'll put them up on our website, thanks!

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