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Heffernans Heading Home From NY

Posted by Tony Heffernan in News | 5 comments

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Batten's Disease sufferer Liam Heffernan will today depart the Us with his parents, Tony & Mary.

Liam, (2) is the only son of Tony & Mary Heffernan, who on May 3rd, officially became the World’s youngest ever child to receive the pioneering brain surgery, as part of a medical treatment trial,

which could potentially save his life, will return home after spending over a month in the United States with his parents.

The young Kerry boy left the New York hospital on Thursday last after completing his latest check-up, has yet again impressed Doctors with his recovery and subsequent progress since undergoing surgery earlier this month.

Liam’s parents and his medical team have again seen improvements in Liam’s speech and his general mobility, which they hope is down to the gene transfer, however Doctors are advising Liam’s parents, that they cannot declare for certain if the gene transfer can be considered successful, stating “that only time will tell if Liam’s body have accepted these new genes or not”.

For the moment though, good news continues for the little 2 year old and his parents, with US Doctors now advising the family that Liam does not need to return to the facility until early November. Liam’s upcoming monthly check ups for July and August, shall now be carried out by his local medical team in Kerry.

It has been almost 5 month’s since Liam’s only sibling, sister Saoirse lost her battle to them same disorder on Jan 18th. Since Saoirse’s passing, the family has had a very stressful and emotional period and are so looking forward to getting back to ‘normal’ in their home on the Dingle Peninsula.

The family will then help with final preparations for World Battens Day on June 4th, which will be held at “The Kerry Way” in Killarney. The charity is inviting all its supporters and friends to the event, as a way of thanking everyone for their support over the past twelve months. With free admission, the event will feature fun activities including, a Sky Diving display, BBQ & kids’ entertainment, with music from acts including Scuba Dice, Keltic Kats & others providing lots of fun for all the family. Coincidently, this year’s occasion falls on what would have been Saoirse’s 6th birthday, and to honour this, balloons shall be realised in her memory.

Note: the picture is not of Liam's surgery, but that of a another child.

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    Emily Mangan 02/06/2011

    Best wishes to Liam, I hope everything going forward turns out well for you all. He is one brave little boy, I bet his little sister, god rest her, is very proud of him.

    Tricia Collins 31/05/2011

    great news, continued prayers for you all..

    sinead o sullivan 29/05/2011

    im delighted for all envolved with liam progress. im even amazed at how quick hes recovering my taughts and prayers are with u all

    Laura 28/05/2011

    I cant wish enough success and good wishes with Liam... it's wonderful that the news is good so far! did not find the photo upsetting (have a little niece with an extremely rare condition also so have seen her looking much worse after surgery!!) best of luck with everything xx

    Joelle Lee 28/05/2011

    Great news that your heading home with such a positive outcome. Safe trip.

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