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Liam Making Excellent Progress in NY

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Liam Making Excellent Progress  in NY

Young Liam Heffernan, from Castledrum, Keel in Co Kerry, who underwent pioneering brain surgery just two weeks ago, at the prestigious Weill Cornell University Hospital in New York, has really impressed his medical team with his post-surgery recovery.

Liam, (2) is the only son of Tony & Mary Heffernan, who on May 3rd, officially became the World’s youngest ever child to receive the pioneering brain surgery, which involved the drilling of six (6) holes in Liam’s skull.

The young Kerry boy was readmitted to hospital yesterday (May 16th) for examination and neurological assessment, including a 24hr EEG, has made exceptional progress since his brain surgery on May 3rd. The Medical Team’s leading Neurologist has described Liam’s present condition as “Awesome” and has indicated that Liam can now plan to return home within the next two weeks, 7 days ahead of schedule.

Following the procedure, Liam astounded staff in the Intensive Care Unit, by sitting up unaided, drinking by himself whilst watching his favourite cartoon on a portable DVD player less than one hour after waking up from eight hours under general anaesthetic. 

In fact Liam’s recovery went so well, he was permitted to leave the hospital just 2 days after the surgery, to enjoy some of the sights of New York, including Central Park & Times Square, although luring the pigeons of Manhattan with bread seems to be his favourite.

The family, whom have been staying in the hospitals guest facility, where Liam has been monitored daily for any adverse reactions, now plan to return home on Sunday May 29th.

The past two weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster for Liam’s parents, who lost their daughter Saoirse (5) just four months ago, after she narrowly missed out on surgery in October last year. The couple & doctors have seen improvements in Liam’s speech and his general mobility, which may or may not be down to the gene transfer, with Doctors advising Liam’s parents, that they cannot declare for certain if the gene transfer can be considered beneficial.

The family are now looking forward to returning to Ireland in time for World Battens Day on June 4th, to be held at “The Kerry Way” in Killarney. The free event will feature Sky Diving display, BBQ, kids entertainment & music from acts including Scuba Dice, Keltic Kats & others  as part of a planned family fun day. The charity is inviting all its supporters and friends to the event, as a way of thanking everyone for their support over the past twelve months.

The Bee For Battens charity (Reg. CHY 19226) will continue its fundraising campaign to support other children affected with Batten’s Disease, fund research, whilst also promoting the participation of other Irish children members in medical treatment trials. Its website is used to increase the awareness of this cruel disease & to accept donations.

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    5th & 6th class Killygarry NS, Cavan 14/06/2011

    Get well soon. We have been following your story and praying for you. From 5th and 6th class Killygarry NS Cavan

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