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Liam Discharged From Hospital

Posted by Tony Heffernan in News | 13 comments

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Liam's recovery after his gene transfer surgery on Tuesday has been remarkable, so much so, that Liam's medical team have permitted the 2 year old to be discharged from the main hospital. Liam will remain at the hospitals guest facility, located within the hospital complex.

Liam has been up and about all day and has been very stable on his feet, he even enjoyed an hour outside feeding the local pigeons!

We are exceptionally grateful for well wishes and support which is coming from people back home and from all over the world. Thank you all most sincerely.

We are also amazed to see that 7600 people have already seen our awareness You Tube movie which is dedicated to Saoirse.

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    lorraine 16/05/2011

    With love and best wishes to Liam for a full recovery. You all show such inspirational bravery and help us remember that love can conquer. We will keep you in our thoughts x

    Gwen 09/05/2011

    I have followed your story and was so sad to hear about Saoirse. I hope that this surgery is the breakthrough for Liam. You are a very brave and inspiring family.

    Andrea 09/05/2011

    Delighted to hear he's doing so well! Belated happy American Mother's Day to Mary. xx

    John & Margaret McPartland 09/05/2011

    We are delighted to hear the good news about Liam. We have been thinking of you all daily.

    chuckie and burt 08/05/2011

    we met tony at the bang bang casey fight and we got talking and told us about saoirse,i was sorry for ignorance of not knowing what battens disease was (is).a smile came across my face when i read the paper about Liam i was delighted to hear things went great and we pray it will get even better. the best of luck to liam and all the family. yours sincerely two chubby security guards and their families wish you all the best

    maura keane 07/05/2011

    brilliant news keep it up we all praying for you x x

    carmel breen 07/05/2011

    fantastic news well done Liam you are a fab child with wonderful parents and grandparents god bless you all, will keep you in our prayers xx

    Pat,Salthill,Galway 06/05/2011

    .....miracles can and do happen,all the best to Liam and his strong,brave parents.

    marion wilkinson 06/05/2011

    only just read news that liam had opp on tuesday and now hes feeding the birds what great news to must be so pleased with your little man he is so brave ..marion carrickmacross

    sheelagh 06/05/2011

    Fantastic news. I hope he continues to recover well. Praying for Liam and family xx

    Jane Daly 06/05/2011

    Well done Liam, what a great bit of news! xx

    Mary Healy 06/05/2011

    So happy it's all going so incredibly well. Keep up the good recovery! xo

    Catriona 06/05/2011

    We are all thinking of you.Liam is so brave and I am delighted he is having such a speedy recovery. Liam is a little inspiration for us all. Give him hugs from us please xxx

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