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Liam surgery Update

Posted by Tony Heffernan in News | 3 comments

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As we remain in the family lounge outside the operating theatre in NYC Weill Cornell Medical Centre, Our son Liam has been undergoing brain surgery for the past 4 hours in his battle against Battens Disease.

Te Latest report from the OR is that Liam is doing fine, he is in good shape and has received the first dose of Gene therapy through the six holes, which were drilled in his skull this morning.

It will be approximately a further 4 hours before the surgery is complete and we are bursting to see our little man.

Leaving him this morning was the toughest thing we had to do since we buried Saoirse in January, we just hope he will come out of this ok today!

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    sally 06/05/2011

    such a precious boy, all the love from england is with him and allways thinking of you x

    Tricia Collins 04/05/2011

    so glad to hear surgery went well, continued prayers for you all..No doubt his big sister is watching over him now

    Liza 03/05/2011

    Just wanted to say I have been thinking of your little boy all day and lit a candle for him this morning. Sending you all my best wishes from one parent to another. x Liza from Co. Kildare

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