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1 day to go for Liam's Surgery

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With just over 24 hours remaining prior to Liam going for Brain Surgery, the Little man is going to have a busy and somewhat traumatic day for himself.

In the next hour or so Liam will stop taking fluids, he has already stopped 'eating' since midnight ahead of his pre-operation MRI/MRS scan, lumbar puncture and final medical checks.

He is presently sleeping away here beside me, unaware of the day that lies ahead, which I am glad of. He is a tough campaigner but what lies ahead is tough for us also but we are confident that the little monster is strong enough and fit enough for all that lies ahead. 

Recovery will be the most intense part of the entire procedure, which may involve some pain and some serious discomfort as Liam's cerebal fluid.

That said Doctors are also confident that Liam will make a quick recovery and maybe be out within the week. More updates and photos will be published in the next 24 hours.

In the meantime it is great to see that over 7300 people have now viewed Saoirse's tribute on You Tube thanks everyone!

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