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Liam to visit NYC hospital today

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Liam has been in good spriits since he arrived in New York, and today he will enter the hospital with Mom & Dad , where the consent process and paperwork around the entire procedure will take place.

Liams health is still very good, although he did pick up a bit of a cough, which will hopefully clear soon. His bodyclock is still on Irish time which is keeping everyone on their toes.

Yesterday our little family spent the afternoon walking around the streets in Manhattan taking in the sights and sounds of the Big Apple, although a one stage Liam threw his hands behind the head and took a nap for a couple of hours, taking no notice of the crowds on 34th street.

Liam's story has captivated the entire Irish home and abroad, and many people have been sending messages of support to the family through Facebook, Twitter and over six and a half thousand people have tuned into You Tube for Saoirse's tribute movie.

We are very grateful for all of this support!


More news on Liam and his trip to NYC will follow in the coming days!

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