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Medical Research Charities Group

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Bee For Battens is delighted to be part of the Medical Research Charities Group, Our Charity joined the group in late 2010 and is commited to pushing for more research into Battens Disease and other Rare Diseases.

We will proactively push to give Rare Diseases a larger voice and the Medical Research Charities Group is an idela platform.

About the MRCG

The Medical Research Charities Group (MRCG) is an umbrella group of medical research and patient support charities, which originally formed to represent the joint interests of charities specialising in restoring health through medical research, diagnosis and treatment and, where possible, the prevention of disease. A core belief of the group is that today's health research is tomorrow's healthcare.


The MRCG will provide a sustaining and integrating influence across the medical research community, promoting scientific, clinical and paramedical research.  The MRCG believes that patient organisations should lead and stimulate critical medical research needed by patients, and will provide leadership and support to charities in Ireland that are engaged in medical research.

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