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Get Your Hands on Imelda May's Guitar!

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Bee for Battens to Strum up Funds thanks to Bord Gáis Energy and Imelda May!

Bee for Battens, an Irish charity established to help families of children diagnosed with Battens disease, is the winner of a Bord Gáis Energy competition which invited Facebook followers to nominate a charity to win a signed guitar belonging to Irish singer and musician Imelda May.  Bee for Battens is expected to use the prize to raise funds for its invaluable work.

The competition, which was run by Bord Gáis Energy, attracted over 1,600 charity entries on Facebook with Bees for Battens ultimately claiming the unique prize.

Battens Disease is a rare neuro-degenerative condition that affects babies, young children and juveniles.  Bee for Battens was established by Tony and Mary Heffernan following the diagnoses of their children Saoirse and Liam with this incurable condition.  The charity aims to provide the parents and families of affected children with information and a support network as they come to terms with diagnosis.  The charity also aims to help advance the education of the medical profession about the disease in order for them to give the best care and advice to affected families. 

Speaking about their win, Tony Heffernan said, “This is a great opportunity for us to help raise much needed funds for Bee for Battens and to help other parents and families who find themselves in the dreadful position of having to cope with this devastating illness. We are delighted to have won such a unique prize and want to say thank you to Bord Gáis Energy for organising this competition and to Imelda May and Universal Music for donating her guitar”.

John Conroy - Bord Gáis Energy said, “We are delighted through our Imelda May Guitar competition to help Bee for Battens raise much needed funds for a very deserving charity. We would like to thank everyone who entered the competition and indeed Imelda May and Universal for donating such a fantastic prize.”

Bee For Battens are now taking private bids for the Guitar and will offer the lucky winner the chance to meet Imelda May in person at one of her concerts in 2014, in addition two tickets for the concert, donated by Imelda will also be given to the lucky winner. 

to make a private bid, please send an email with your name contact number and your bid to :

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