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Official 2012 All Ireland Match Football Auction!

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UPDATE : 03/03/13 current bid $1500

This is the actual 2012 All Ireland Football from the final between the Donegal and Mayo. This is a Unique piece of GAA history and it has been signed by the enitre Donegal Squad. This Ball was donated to us by the president of the GAA Liam O Neill and will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The money will be used to help us build Irelands 1st National Respite centre for Children and families affected by Genetic & Rare Disorders


we will take private bids or public bids , email us on, 

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    Maurice Friel. 02/03/2013

    Hi folks. Great cause so wishing you well in the auction. Can you tell me how to bid as in how much it is sitting at. What size of bid is it rising at a time. When is closing time on auction and how do I watch what the bid is sitting at. Keep me informed please. Good luck and kind regards. Maurice Friel.

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