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It starts at the Begining

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Right Folks, this is my first ever attempt at a blog and lets see how it goes.

A few weeks ago now, I had a meeting with Triona & Oliver from Elite Evnts in Killarney, telling me that Bee For Battens had been selected as the charity partner for Run Killarney event this July 20th. Shortly after this meeting we had the news that our friends at the Gleaneagle Hotel were the offical sponsors of the event.

Now this is where it gets interesting, at this event I met a lady called Brenda Doody, who is the events offical trainer, and after a short chat with Brenda, she watched myself "work the room", meeting a few friends / politicians and shaking them down to see how they can help our charity.

At the end of the night Brenda pulled me to one side and asked me if I knew how mmany pieces of the finger food I had consumed in the previous 30 minutes. I though just a couple here and there, but soon was told that I had taken my recommended daily calories consumed in about 15 minutes, then went for seconds and thirds.


So a deal was made, Brenda said that she would train me for free, as long as I commit to taking part in the race on July 20th. I thought about this and said why not. I can't expect 2500 people to take part in the race , all helping Bee for Battens, without me breaking a sweat, so its only common  decentency that I do my part, and get fit at the same time.

In saying that,  I was only thinking about doing the 10K but Brenda has made it perfectly clear that I will do the Half Marathon. 


So here is where I am at the beginning of training, I am 41 years old, and 19 stone in weight, not healthy, I haven't exercised since the early 1990's and have basically been wandering through life enjoying food and beer at my leisure.

Heart attacks happen in the Heffernan family like rain in Ireland, frequently , so its time to act. God knows that the stress of losing our beautiful daughter Saoirse just 2 years ago and with our son Liam having about 12 months to live, if I don't act now, I will end up in a box and leave my darling wife Maims all alone. This is not going to happen.

Brenda is pictured at our first training session which happen early this morning in Killarmey, I have several chins and spare tyres so lets she how this goes.

Over the next few months I am going to continue this blog weekely , giving updates on my weight and progress, the ins and outs of running Bee For Battens while holding down a full time job in Norway and a brief insight on what Rare Disease has done to our family and what we are doing to cope and help others.


We are delighted to have been selected and as it is in "our home town" we really appreciate the opportunity, please support Bee for Battens and take a sponsor card to help us with our fundraising.


To Register or for more information, including great deals on accommodation at the Gleneagle Hotel please click here

Also we have some dicsount codes and free registrations to give out to some people who will come onbard and help us out with fundraising, if you want to be one of them then email Elaine at and we'll get you set up.

Brenda is great at motivating, and dedicated  to get me fit, she is also helping several groups of runners prepare for the race. I would highly recommend Brenda if you need the push to get going. Join us on our weekly runs every Tuesday and Saturday , we meet at the Gleneagle car park, call Brenda for the times.


To Contact Brenda 


Phone 086 8887889

email :

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    Pat Culligan 16/02/2013

    Good on you Tony. Very interesting Blog. I, for one will be following your preparations for the run. Thanks to you and Bee For Battens, I have changed my lifestyle and eating habits. All for a good cause. Keep up the great work...

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