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DAA Principal Charity Of The Year

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We are Absolutely Thrilled to be Named as the Principal Charity for 2013 for the DAA airports throughout Ireland. In total 3 charities were chosen, with Make A Wish & Down Syndrome Ireland joining us. 50% of the funds raised will go to us while the other 50% will be spilt equally between the other two charities.

The result comes as the votes were counted following a poll of the staff of Dublin, Cork & Shannon Airports!.

We will be playing our part with the DAA this coming year and will work hard to show our appreciation, if you go through any of the airports, please show your support and our thanks in advance.

In total over 1400 staff voted and we received more

Our objectives & interests also go beyond Batten Disease patient & family support, we are working towards doing the same for the RARE Disease community. We’re now actively involved in research & working towards potential cures. The charity receives no state income, funding or grants and relies totally on the generous support of the public and private enterprise.

Visit our website to see more what we do every day of the year. You can also purchase 1 of our children’s books or 1 of our very own GAA Jersey!

Watch our 45 second You Tube cartoon to learn about our mission & help us along the way!.

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