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Bee The Book On Sale Now!

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Want to Get A Fantastic Book For Your Child This Christmas


Bee The Book : Farm Friends is a novel and interactive approach to storytelling . Based on a new innovative design this book allows the reader to become the characters in it.

  •  Look through the hole and read the rhyme on the flap at the bottom of the page 
  • Watch your child's face light up as you become the characters in the book.
  • Easy rhymes for kids to learn and join in the fun.
  • Suitable for three to six year olds .
  • 100% Irish made.
  • 50% Profits go to Bee for Battens.
Characters include , the Bee , the Duck, the Horse, the Sheep , the Pig and the Cow.
RRP EUR 9.99


For further information on the charity go to :



"Bee the Books have done a great job in creating such a child-friendly publication. The colour, the humour and the inter-active dimension all add up to something which any adult interested in bringing young children and books together, in a real 'fun' way, should find extremely valuable."

Robert Dunbar (Robert Dunbar is a commentator on children's books and reading)


Parents who are bored with bedtime reading (get behind me, Peppa) need a book by Debora Tobin that lets little ones have a laugh at their elders’ expense. Bee The Book allows parents to become a character in a simple farmyard story.

Róisín Ingle (The Irish Times Magazine)

Bee The Book: Farm Friends by Debora and Hilary Tobin, is a big, interactive book..

The oval apertures are for an adult or older sibling to look through and mimic the creature on each page imitating the sound of each farm creature.

Fold-out flaps, visible only to the reader, feature big-print jaunty rhymes to read aloud. The strong, colourful illustrations are by Bernadette O’Neill.
This innovative, face-to-face book is also just perfect for playschool and junior infants.

Mary Arrigan (The Irish Examiner)

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