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Amelia Returns To Ireland

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Amelia Ryczan , the four year old Batten Disease Sufferer from Carrickmacross in County Monaghan has returned to Ireland last Saturday morning after being refused participation is a clinical trial in New York.

The youngster's surgery was scheduled to take place at 12.30pm on Feb. 28th Last (Irish Time), however results from a blood test taken that morning inidcated that continuing the suregry would be too risky, so the neurosurgeon heading the procedure refused to continue on safety grounds.

The stress that this recent event has caused on the family is immense, and Bee For Battens have been & will remain in constant touch with Amelia's parents and are supporting them throughout this ordeal.

Amelia, who underwent and passed a last minute blood test on Friday Feb 17th, which was faxed to the US & accepted by the trial coordiantors, allowed the four year old to travel on Feb 20th to New York. The 4 year old and her mother Tamara, had a couple days break in New York, to allow Amelia's body clock to adjust before being admitted to the Weill Cornell New Presbyterian Hosptial.  

Bee For Battens has also launched an enquiry into the events which has led to this situation. the charity has received copies of the test carried out by the Drogheda Hospital and those from the New York facility. Amelia is scheduled to undergo repeat blood test shortly.


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    Moira Carey 05/03/2012

    It's tragic. I can't imagine how traumatised her family must feel.My heart goes out to them.

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