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Company: Active Adoption Scheme

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The Saoirse Foundation are now actively seeking support from the Public & Business community alike to get involved with the new respite centre for children affect by Rare Disease.

With 10 family rooms being built during each phase, (30 in total), we are asking for companies and social committees from across Ireland to come on board and sponsor a room.

Our 'active adoption' scheme will offer those involved to put personal touches to the family unit which they have taken onboard, and we would be more than willing to invite employees of the company to get involved during each stage of the build.

The period of adoption will be set for approximately five years, during which time, the support will allow 260 families affected by rare disease to each benefit from a weeks respite from the stress of every day life.

Each unit shall be operated in close coordination with the company and its employess and 100% of funds raised for each unit shall be visible for all to see, literally.

The Saoirse Foundation operates without state aid, however we believe that together we can make a positive impact on those children with rare disease, & thier families who are affected, many of which are society's most vunerable and sadly unknown to the general public.

There are upto 366,400 indivdiuals with a rare disease in Ireland (6-8% of the population: Dept Of Health Figures)

Almost 75% of these fellow Irish people are children, 30% of which won't make it to their teenage years.

Together We Can Be the Difference, To Join Us or To Find Out More please contact us 

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    maura keane 07/03/2012

    please send me on some info so i can get the lads at garveys motivated to this keep up the good work we'll help anyway we can my bottle collection is still going well x x

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