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Final plans being prepared.

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We are delighted to say that the final drawngs for our respite centre are being completed. 


The latest addition to the facility has been a 450m2 (5000 sq.ft) education, visitor & research centre, aimed at providing hands on training to the medical profession, trainee nurses and those involved in the care giving to children with Rare Disease.

The education facility will incorporate an intimate lecture room, 3 multi function breakout rooms and rest room facilites. Within the new integrated section, staff rest facilities, wash rooms & caferia will be provided.


The new additon will provide best practice care training & personal interaction with children affect by rare disease, of which there are 6000-7000 different types.

The Saoirse Foundations international affiliations through Bee For Battens, has provided much insight and access to the latest information & best practices in caring for those affected.

Our partner organsaitions in Scandinavia, Europe, the USA & across the globe provide us with a formal link to Centres of Excellence such as the Frambu facility on Oslo, Norway, considered to be the Gold Standard when dealing with Rare Diseases.

If you would like to get involved, fundraise or donate your time and services during the building of the facility please get in touch. We would also like to hear from companies & corporations who would like to know more about our Adoption Scheme

Please click HERE to contact us for more information or to get involved.

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    Michael Mooney 23/03/2013

    I am a professional painter and would be only too willing to offer my services inn any way I can 0872716536

    Gerardine Dowling 31/12/2012

    Hi I want to help. I have Saturday and Sundays free. I'm good at admin, DIY, have an adult education background, but I will do anything to help.I may not be great at asking for money but I'll try. Gerardine

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