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Volunteers & HELP Wanted!

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Bee For Battens is the National Charity For Batten Disease in Ireland, a part of the Saoirse Foundation, a registered non-profit charity in Ireland, based in Co. Kerry.

The charity operates throughout Ireland, helping families North & South of the Border.

We are always developing our charitiy to further our goals and make a real positive impact for children and families affected by Batten Disease & Other Rare Diseases.

We are actively seeking volunteers to join us on our mission and would love to hear from anyone who would like to get involved and help us with achieve our goals.

If you would like to get involved or want to help out in any way we would love to here from you. to contact us please email us here, contact us via Twitter or Facebook or SMS/Call us on 083 00 44 444 

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    Emma o Sullivan 28/03/2015

    Intrested in volunteering have a background in caring for kids with rare disabilities

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