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2012 Call For Research Funding Proposals

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Bee For Battens, The Saoirse Foundation is the Irish National Charity For Batten Disease.

It supports those directly affected by the disease, their familes whilst providing advice , information and support to medical professionals, carers and community agencies. Formed in March 2010, the charity is  proactive in Ireland and abroad and is also a member of a number of Irish and International Organsiations.

Bee For Battens is also involved in research activities and has a number on ongoing research projects outside of Ireland. Through its membership of the Irish Medical Research Charities Group, it can avail of the MRCG / HRB joint funding scheme, which allows for cost sharing.

Our charity is keen to support research projects focused on Batten Disease in all forms, both in Ireland, Europe & Internationally. Through its membership of the new  Batten Disease International Alliance, the charity has an exceptionally strong affiliation with other national & international patient organisations, research charities and supporting bodies. 

Applications for Research funding open on November 22nd 2011, with a final submission date to the charity by Feb 15th 2012. All Submissions will be vetted by the charity and its International review team, prior to submitting to the HRB.

The following guidance notes and associated documents must be completed in accordance with the agreed requirements of the MRCG/HRB Joint Funding Scheme. Any application which does not meet this criteria will not be submitted for review or considered by Bee For Battens.

Good Luck!


Bee For Battens RFP 2012 MRCG HRB Applicant Guidance Notes

Bee For Battens RFP 2012 -MRCG-HRB Application Form

Bee For Battens-RFP 2012 MRCG-HRB Collaboration Agreement Form

Bee For Battens RFP  2012 MRCG HRB Signature Page

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