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Monaghan Battens Child Gets 2nd Chance

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Bee For Battens are absolutely delighted to announce that 4 year old Amelia Ryczan from Carrickmacross Co Monaghan is to return to the Us to take part in a treatment trial.

Amelia, who previously attended the Weill Cornell facility in New York, earlier this year,   was refused participation in the treatment trial, due to the progression of her condition. At the time, Amelia's parents, Damian & Tamara, where left totally hearthbroken that their only daughter's future was going to be inevitably short.

However, late on Friday evening last  (11/11/11), the Ryczan family received an invite to return to New York in the New Year to participate in a new parrallel treatment trial, with Amelia expected to undergo surgery in January.

Mr. Ryczan, who was speaking with Tony Heffernan on Sunday, stated that he was absolutely delighted to receive the news. Tony, who had just spent two weeks in NY, returned from the states on the same day as the Ryczan's received the invitation, said that he is very happy for the family and has offered the support of the Bee For Battens Charity to get the family there and look after them during their expected 5 week stay.

Liam Heffernan, who had the surgery on May 3rd 2011, has shown great improvements since he had the experimental treatment, is back at pre-school after returning from US facility after completing his 6 month check up. Liams results are due in the coming days, which will determine if the treatment is working or not.

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